Examples of seaweed product actions

Considerable success has been demonstrated with a wide range of crops, including:

  • tomatoes and cucumbers
  • propagating and growing hardy nursery stock and hardy perennials
  • houseplants and interior landscapes.

With tomatoes, regular use has shown many benefits, including:

  • greatly improved root growth, resulting in better utilization of plant nutrients and fewer problems with nutrient imbalances 
  • healthier and darker green foliage
  • improved calyx retention, especially in hot weather 
  • increased resistance to wilting in changeable weather 
  • rapid solving of mineral deficiency symptoms on leaves with a foliar spray.

With nursery stock, many benefits follow application, including:

  • quicker and better rooting of cuttings followed by growth of bigger root systems
  • more branching on cuttings 
  • leaf retention improved on slow rooting subjects 
  • plants look greener and healthier, improved chlorophyll production
  • flower colors richer and retained, fading slowed down
  • indications of better resistance to frost in container plants.

Regular use of liquid seaweed for house plants and interior landscapes has shown many benefits, including:

  • healthier plants with richer green foliage from improved chlorophyll production 
  • more branching and thence better habit 
  • better use of nutrients especially in non-draining containers
  • flower colors richer and retained longer, fading slowed down
  • the better root system and plants keep longer even when kept in adverse conditions.

If you want specific guidance on the application rates to different crops, CLICK here.

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