An increasing area of seaweed application

Over several seasons there has been a considerable increase in demand for our products for use on paddocks.

With Organic No1 horses can return to a paddock immediately after spraying the grass, whilst with our ‘Plus’ products it is recommended that horses are kept off the sprayed areas for only around 7-10 days, more as a precaution than a significant risk.

Key benefits include:

  • greatly improved root growth and tillering, with consequent 
  • better uptake of nutrients, 
  • stronger, nutritionally healthy sward, 
  • improved resistance to drought and physical stress.

The general turf formulation is designed to promote strong root growth, thereby providing a healthy grass sward. The growth promoter performs best if delivered to the actively growing root layer, usually through surface spraying. When root systems have become poorly developed, the foliar feed will ensure growth promoters and nutrients are delivered directly to the leaves.

The Organic No1 product is ideal for regular use throughout the year, typically every 4-6 weeks, but avoiding periods of frost. Regular application of the seaweed product will encourage deep-rooted turf and active soil microbial activity.

Apply at a rate of 10 liters per hectare in 400-500 liters water for routine treatments, or up to 20 liters per hectare (in 500 liters water) where it is part of major remedial treatment following severe stress or damage. For the treatment of small areas within larger areas of turf dilute 1litre in 30 – 50 liters of water and apply over an area up to 500 square meters.

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