The rich mixture of biostimulants, along with other key components result in:

  • stimulation of root growth, increasing the ability to absorb key nutrients from the soil 
  • promotion of beneficial microbial populations in the soil adjacent to the growing roots, making further soil nutrients available to the plant 
  • improvement in nutrient uptake, through both roots and leaves (spray), ensuring optimum supply and also a rapid response to deficiencies 
  • increased production of chlorophyll, resulting in greener leaves that enhance photosynthesis.

The result is a healthy plant which:

  • builds natural resistance to pests and diseases
  • resists stress, be it from frost, drought or mechanical wear (turf) 
  • produces vibrant flowers and foliage, and
  • improves yields of full-flavored crops.

For use with garden and house plants:

  • perennial garden plants
  • ornamental shrubs
  • bedding plants
  • hanging baskets
  • patio container plants
  • house plants and interior landscapes.

Reflecting the following properties:

  • healthier plants
  • with greener foliage
  • improved habit, more branching
  • well developed root systems
  • flower colors richer and fading slowed down 
  • optimum use of nutrients
  • reduction in the use of chemicals 
  • quicker and better rooting of cuttings
  • improved resistance to adverse conditions, including drought and frost 
  • enhanced natural resistance to pests and disease.

Garden Fruit and Vegetables

EU funded trials with cereals, cabbage, carrots, potatoes, and lettuce – gave increased yields (typically 7% to over 30%) and improved quality. Excellent results can be expected with glasshouse crops such as tomato and cucumbers. Applied to garden crops SimplySeaweed will give:

  • improved root growth with fewer nutrient imbalance problems
  • healthier and darker green foliage
  • increased resistance to wilting
  • enhanced natural resistance to pests and diseases
  • rapid solving of mineral deficiencies with a foliar spray.

If you want some guidance on applying SimpySeaweed products in your garden CLICK here.

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