Examples of seaweed product actions

Demands are not just from the players but from the media expecting top visual quality, yet modern stadia impose enhanced stress from increased shading and reduced air circulation. Within the battery of turf management tools is the use of growth promoters or enhancers based on seaweed. A major success has been obtained with the application of these liquid seaweed formulations to sports and amenity turf, including premier league football stadia and internationally famous golf courses.

Key benefits include:

  • greatly improved root growth and tillering, with consequent 
  • better uptake of nutrients, 
  • denser stronger sward, 
  • better resistance to heavy use, especially in adverse conditions, 
  • improved resistance to drought; 
  • healthier, greener sward, reflecting generally improved sward but also direct leaf greening.

The general turf formulation is designed to promote strong root growth**, thereby providing sward strength and recovery power; whilst special formulations are supplemented with other specially selected nutrients to ensure an extra strong and rich greensward – and meet differing seasonal and maintenance needs. The growth promoter performs best if delivered to the actively growing root layer, either through surface spraying or directly by hydro-jetting. When root systems have become poorly developed, the foliar feed will ensure growth promoters and nutrients are delivered directly to the leaves. These seaweed growth promoters also assist the establishment of new turf and seeding operations after a repair or following special activities such as the insertion of new drainage.

If you want to obtain specific instructions on the application of turf products, CLICK here.

Landscaping Applications

Liquid seaweed provides several support functions in landscaping, falling into three broad areas:

  • turf establishment and maintenance, 
  • tree and shrub planting, 
  • bedding plant production and transplanting. 

In all cases, a key activity is the enhancing of a healthy, active growing root system; together with improved leaf retention during establishment, particularly under adverse conditions.

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