Guidance on Product Application


The key target, for all crops, is to deliver a dilution of 1:50 of the extract to the active growing meristems (especially roots) / active young leaves of the plant.

In most cases, this requires 10 liters extract per hectare, delivered in 450 – 500 liters spray. However, good results have been obtained by some growers with lower volume spraying, eg down to 5 liters extract in 200-250 liters spray.

For the treatment of small areas of crop dilute 1 liter in 40 – 50 liters of water and apply over an area up to 500 square meters.

Apply as a coarse or medium spray by handheld, pedestrian controlled or vehicle-mounted sprayer.


Spring barley, wheat, and oats.

The minimum recommendation is a single treatment at 1:50 dilution when the first node is detectable, ideally at 10.0 liters extract in 450 liters spray. At this volume, there will be greater effect on tillering as well as the primary effect on grain initiation/formation.
A further application of 5 liters extract per hectare in summer (early green ear stage) will encourage grain yield/quality; although many fully organic growers achieve optimum results using 10.0 liters extract in 450 liters spray, in all applications.


Grazing: 5 liters in 250 – 450 liters spray, just following first growth flush and repeated at 3-week intervals. 10 liters extract per hectare in 450 liters spray is best.

Silage: 10 liters per hectare in 450 liters spray, as spring growth commences, with 5 liters per hectare applied 2-3 weeks before the cut.


10 liters per hectare in 450 liters spray, two weeks after emergence, with follow-up at 5 liters per hectare at over 30% groundcover stage, especially for main crops). It can be applied with blight treatment if appropriate (consult our technical support for guidance).

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